The Official Journal Of the European Union

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OJEU Finder
has experience distributing OJEU contract notices under EU license for nearly 20 years in support of transparency and regulated competition.

If you are searching for public contracts, we shall be delighted to assist by distributing both selected OJEU and Non OJEU/low value notices to you and/or your colleagues each week.

How "The Official Journal of the European Union" can benefit you.

Each year the public sector spends a huge amount of money and is always looking for new suppliers. However small your business, there are always opportunities to enter this market.
Even if you are already supplying one part of the public sector, it is worth looking for opportunities in other areas.

Public-sector organisations are good customers. They have to be fair, honest and professional in the way they choose suppliers and in any dealings with them. Most are also long-standing, stable customers, and have to pay promptly and in line with agreed contract terms. Public-sector organisations have to pay accounts within 30 days (or any other agreed credit period) of receiving a valid bill or invoice.

You may also find that trading successfully with the public sector can give added credibility with private-sector customers.

Why choose our reporting services?
  • Acces to low value UK tenders below the OJEU threshold (click here for more information)

  • No expertise required. Take advantage of our 20 years of experience and let us do the hard work for you.

  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls associated with web based solutions.

    • Did you know there are over 9000 CPV codes to choose from?. Creating your own searches can be a daunting task even for an experienced professional.

  • Get better results than online solutions from our unique reporting tools.

    • Our reporting software can find tenders that other online based providers would not normally detect with the use of "full text" indexing. Designed from the ground up it has been built specifically for working with OJEU tenders.

  • Value for Money - Our low weekly subscription rate is just £9 (around 1/3rd of the cost of our competitors).

  • Choose the frequency of your data delivery. Receive weekly or daily tender alerts.
    Many subscribers choose to receive a single report each week instead of being bombarded each day with updates. Others prefer to receive OJEU alerts on a daily basis as soon as new tenders are published. We offer you the choice of when and how you would like your reports to be delivered.

  • Access to Historical Data - Prior year OJEU Notices are available should you need research material on a particular contracting authority. We have data going back to 1993 where notices were formerly named OJEC tenders (the Official Journal of the European Communities).

  • A Truely personalised serivice - Perhaps you do not like our standard reports? we will be happy to create one to fit your preferences. In addtion we are open to working with you the best we can to to deliver content to you the way you want it.
  • Privacy - Subscribers benefit from our long established knowledge of the public procurement market and a completely confidential service.

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